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Guys, a friend of mine has found another competitiong where we can vote for our boys! We are up against g.o.d and the gap isn’t big so we can still win ;)

You need to use your melon ID accounts for this voting (the ones you created before for the old show champion voting system) and here’s what you need to do, it’s really simple :))

Vote and lets help our boys win! :D


27 / INFINITE making story in LA → while hoya’s talking….

INFINITE Youtube Event


They’re making us work hard to get the stuff we want. again.

If the views for the Official MV for ‘Back’ reaches 2,500,000

Performance Version will be uploaded. 

If it reaches 3,500,000 views - 

Practice Video will be uploaded. 

direct link to mv

Views as of July 29th 3:08AM - 1,585,234


infiniteficreclistot7 said: which infinite era was your favorite for your bias? picture evidence is appreciated :)


THIS IS THE FUCKIN’ FOURTH TIME I AM ATTEMPTING THIS ASK. omg please. ㅠㅠ so tired of writing it over and over lol. OKAY. SO! the thing is that the chaser is like. the best era overall for the group. the song, choreo, styling, everything! was so so beautiful. such an excellent production, really. but i’ll do specific answers too. i’ve included a few links to pictures in the answers below~

sunggyu- ugh, remember how delicious he was with his swishy caramel hair and tummy-revealing knit shirt and pretty blazer jacket (matching with yeol)? ooh, unf. but besides the chaser…i’ll say…either destiny or 내꺼하자 because…was anyone else diggin’ the eccentric orchestra conductor look he was sporting? can you see him as a young prodigy that graduated music school ahead of his class? ughh hot. weirdly hot. and 내꺼하자 because arm exposure. we must all acknowledge and appreciate the greatness that is kim sunggyu’s thick, subtly strong arms. also- sunggyu looks so good with honey colored hair and i like when he has it up in this tough look!

dongwoo- remember the great times when dongwoo had the blue hair, truly proving that he can beautify any hair color and style, and sported the moto vest and strutted around rolling his hips while thrusting his champion’s pelvis always? the chaser is so good to me. anyway! hm. i loved loved loved dongwoo with pink hair. i think he pulled it off the best out of all the male idols in my eyes. and he just embodied the special girl concept so well! 

woohyun- paradise or 내꺼하자. i actually didn’t like his outfit for the chaser very much (i actually think he gets the short end of the stick styling-wise for all their singles) and i have a hard time being attracted to him when he has thick, floppy hair with bangs that almost cover his eyes. it does nothing for his face shape and eyes. but in paradise and 내꺼하자 all that hair was lifted up out of his eyes into electrified ocean waves~ of sexiness that knocked me into oblivihyun! yes 굿! and you can’t go wrong with nam woohyun in suits or tight turtlenecks, thrusting them strong hips like no tomorrow. also, i will NEVEr get over his smolder & gentle-chest-swipe-head-roll move…one of the best parts of 내꺼하자 lbr.

hoya- I LOVE LEE HOWON IN BLONDE HAIR!!! not that platinum 80’s-punk-boy fashion from last romeo, but rather that soft, smooth, golden honey blonde from…idek when that was i just know i love it to the ends of the earth. hoya actually has a very delicate and pretty face, save for his jawline and brows, so that blonde really just. cherry on top of a sundae. deliciousness all ‘round, people. but era-wise…i really don’t know for hoya…he’s the equally attractive in all the eras (probably because the stylists play it safe with him). i just- i get so touched by the wonderfulness that was his purple hair during chaser era…like…up or down that hair crowned that face so well. and the chaser outfits were so good for his body…showing off his arms and emphasizing that butt and those legs. WOO!

sungyeol- NO ONE WILL EVER BE OKAY WITH PRINCE SUNGYEOL RE: 추격자 ERA!!! those long, fine tendrils of angel hair! that outfit with the sheer knit shirt and blazer accented with a scarf that illuminated his wonderfully long model’s body! the princely catwalk at the first twinging notes of korean folk stylized electronic instrumentals! GOD BLESS. but i think all of us would agree that- WOW. lee sungyeol, right now, at this moment, during the back (also last romeo) promotions, is at the pinnacle of handsome and beauty. like. who can contest this level of attractiveness? all of sungyeol’s hairstyles are hair porn- he is just blessed with good hairstyles + he pulls off each one like no one’s business, but the hairstyle he sports now…that disney prince hair with the curled fringe~ is the absolute best use of dead protein cells that i have ever seen. i just love that he is in charge of the bridge in the song and he also has another amazing outfit this time around…HE IS ALSO BRINGING BACK DA PRINCE CATWALK. i know, love, i know…me and my girls are all crying too…

myungsoo- kim myungsoo at the start of the chaser mv, where he is killin’ the camera softly with his stare and sunggyu is pulling at his heart, is the perfect elf prince to stand at prince sungyeol’s side. so much handsome goin’ on that era. but right now i am really liking kim myungsoo in that fried blonde hair for back. i was previously convinced that kim myungsoo will probably never change his hair color because of his acting/cf appeal, and that he’d probably look weird with brighter colors anyway. but we all wrong sometimes. even me. i raise my hand and confess now that i was wrong- kim myungsoo looks tough, sexy with that hair, like he is a new man. when he spaces out, he doesn’t look like a cold hearted killer anymore; he looks like a cold hearted player..rocker..dude. (i know, i’m laughing too.) anyway, i find myungsoo so hot when he does the galloping horse-snappy finger dance during back. so, hair and galloping horse dance. why i love myungsoo’s back. (i can’t find pictures of myungsoo- what.)

sungjong- all bow down to lee sungjong. he is beautiful in any era, but remember how emotionally provoking he was during the chaser? like that long side fringe that covered one of his lovely sharp eyes and his slinky body in that suit…oh yes. but surprise, surprise. i actually loved sungjong in man in love! he had a weird ahjumma-esque hairstyle, yes, but he pulled it off so well and it actually emphasized his beauty even more. like, “just when i thought he couldn’t get any prettier!” that era was also when sungjong just GLOWED with his bright, youthful glory. he outshined his hyungs and owned that stage like no other. it was amazing. i’m not one to particularly want sungjong in a more “manly” or more “feminine” styling because i think sungjong can’t be confined to those labels, so i know my answer can be surprising, but sungjong probably really made men fall in love. true meaning of man in love. 

i stuck with physical appearance reasons for my choices in this ask because it gets more complicated when i broaden the scope to other factors hehe. but even within physical appearance categories- like answers might change if i just stuck to hairstyles, for instance. 

feel free to contest my thoughts! feel free to comment on my thoughts! feel free to just squeal over infinite! thanks for asking this, my new buddy rae! hope you enjoyed my answers~

ray just had a heart attack clicking on all these links and reliving these moments. it’s official, infinite is killing her softly.


can you save me? save me


can you save me? save me


[PIC] In Travel Infinite Busan -《HOYA》
(cr. woonieluv)


[PIC] In Travel Infinite Busan -《HOYA》

(cr. woonieluv)


Sungyeol won against Hoya & Sungjong during the ice skating competition.

Infinite ‘Back’ mv teaser: Sungjong

dongwoo stuffing his face (◠_◠✿) 

hoya & yeol help dongwoo become more flexible pose (▰˘◡˘▰)

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Can you save me