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INFINITE Become First Korean Act to Top Twitter Emerging Artist Chart, Enter Top Tracks

Anonymous said: Trial and Error!!! I missed this! Although I know you love myungyeol the best, your woogyu brightens my day. Thanks for updating. You're the best!

awww, thanks for still caring about it! i’m sorry you had to wait so long~

[USA Group Donation] Eternal Love ::End of the year support:: by @SKWH_TH





As we know that our Main Vocals, Kim Sungkyu and Nam Woohyun, has a lot of activities and always work hard for this year.

We decide to make a donation project for both of them and we want to prepare some special gift for…

Views mission #18


Guys, time to celebrate again!!! Back mv has officially surpassed 4 million views!!!


Isn’t this awesome?? We did it in just 2 weeks!!! :D Well done everyone :))


(jongie is totally proud of us :P)

Lets hope this will trigger Woollim and that we’ll get Back dance practice video soon too…

Anonymous said: Do you know any fics where one of them is an idol and the other is a fan??

i only know this one!

Anonymous said: ray bby, is there any au, you once in a blue moon came across and you wished it would be written more? Especially in the myungyeol tag?



Hey everyone!!
Infinite is nominated for ☆ BEST MALE GROUP  for the MAMA awards 2014! Please take a few minutes to vote using your daum account here! If you need to register for a daum account click here. If you don’t know how to register, refer to this tutorial. If you still need help, please send me a message and I will be happy to help you ^^
Let us make it known to infinite and the world that they ARE THE BEST MALE GROUP 

Anonymous said: would you happen to know the fic where woohyun's been cheating on sunggyu and sunggyu knows it and he's best friends with hoya so he ends up leaving woohyun for hoya? Its bee killing me, I need to find this fic.

sorryyy, it doesn’t ring a bell, but i don’t read hogyu either so i’m not too surprised i don’t recognize it! :/

Anonymous said: For the anon looking for Dongyeol and Dongsoo fics - I know the author roo1004 on asianfanfics posts a lot of them^^ they recently posted a Dongyeol smut one shot

there you go;;

Anonymous said: ray, did you sign up for dashidorawa's secret santa?

i did not, i don’t do livejournal :////

KMSL Union US/CAN Group Donation <MY LOVELY GIRL>


Hello. This is a union of L’s fansites.
In celebration of SBS DRAMA < MY LOVELY GIRL >, we try to donate RiceWreath.
Let us support Myungsoo’s new step and help neighbors in need ♥
We hope many of you will participate.

♥ Donation Period
2014.09.03 ~ 09.16

i’m doing this, so you should too! ^_^


Happy 22nd Jjong Day!! Happy birthday our dearest maknae!


Happy 22nd Jjong Day!!
Happy birthday our dearest maknae!

Anonymous said: It's worth a read!