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Anonymous said: raaaay, when will we get a come on over update? ><

someday when i get inspired!


[SCAN] INFINITE Summer Concert2 Goods -  
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Anonymous said: Which fic are you focusing on right now?

growing pains and make my heart race!

iseekrisflyin-suhocryin said: dude i am new here and srsly i am in love with your blog, keep up the good work! Love ya <33

thank you :DDD


Anonymous said: my friend thinks that gyu's comment was too tame to be considered offensive

to be honest, it’s not super offensive and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. it’s just one of those things where it’s more like… was it really necessary to say that in frontand sungyeol and thousands of fans at a concert. you know what i mean?

Anonymous said: What's your two cents on the entire Myungsoo and Sungjong incident yesterday?

incident? lol if you are referring to the fact that myungsoo and sungjong hung out and went shopping, i don’t really feel like that’s a problem. if anything, i’m glad that they members in infinite are actually friends and have fun together outside of work. if you mean in a shipping sense, i don’t feel threatened by that. people need to understand that just because two people are hanging out, it doesn’t mean they are dating each other.

the monotone project; page 2/?

the monotone project; page 2/?


 INFINITE official Fancafe New Layout 'INFINITE CONCERT  그해여름2'


 INFINITE official Fancafe New Layout 'INFINITE CONCERT  그해여름2' 

INFINITE Take A Traditional Route For Latest Music Promotions Amidst Popular Trends



The K-pop industry has become more provocative and become a type of fashion to chase one after another, but boy group INFINITE is maintaining the original intention of music and getting people’s attention.

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Anonymous said: my friend doesn't understand why yeol stans did not like gyu saying that he thinks daeyeol's more handsome than his brother :|

lol cause sungyeol is the most insecure member in the group and i’m sure it doesn’t feel good to hear the leader say that he finds daeyeol more appealing in any aspect, especially when daeyeol is pursuing the same exact career path as sungyeol.

i’m sure sungyeol realizes that they are going to be compared because they are brothers, but that doesn’t mean that it makes him feel good to hear things like that.


INFINITE (Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun): SEVEN●SEVEN●SEVEN 
acrylic on watercolor paper

I have reached 777 (now already passed) followers on Instagram and to celebrate, I made acrylic portraits of Infinite’s hyung line! Also, I will be selling this if any body is interested on buying it. 

The way Sunggyu looked at Woohyun and smiled…
The way Sunggyu looked at Woohyun and smiled…


Myungsoo with plaid shirt