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140716 INFINITE Back Music Video Teaser

when infinite f’s ‘i’m going crazy’ starts playing… ♪


Can you save me?

∞ be back
∞ be back
hormones raging.

hormones raging.

Dongwoo being well… dongwoo


INFINITE ‘Be Back’ Behind the Scenes Photoshoot  請勿二傳謝謝

oh. my. dear. lord.

he tried to warn us.

Anonymous said: I agree with what you said. And if anybody remembers (bc I can't recall which show), but when L said Gyu's album was a failure, Gyu retorted that L's drama was cancelled bc of him. It goes both ways, but Inspirits have a habit of victimizing Gyu. He's a tough guy. Tougher than people think. Also the mention of alcohol always seems to exacerbate things. Drinking is okay, even if you drink while you're sad. Sorry for ranting. I just agree. I love all the members bc they're good kids.


tbh, i am not sure what the fascination is with some people treating gyu is if he isn’t strong? he is the leader! he may joke or play around with the other members, but you can just tell how much they respect in the way they listen to gyu when he is being serious.

like gyu can definitely handle himself. if someone really stepped out of line or hurt his feelings, i’m sure that he would want to sort it out, instead of creating tension within the group.

i don’t know man, i just feel like loving infinite should be a positive experience. and people getting caught up over a forty second video and giving the other members hate is just too ridiculous for me.

and yeah, the members all dish it out to each other. gyu would give the sass right back. they did had a show called diss is infinite.

which was also heavily scripted.

…because that is the reality of reality television.

:D ray

Anonymous said: I saw your tweets (well, retweets). Is someone saying shit about the other members again? :|

it’s pertaining to sunggyu’s interview teaser that was released, when he said he was hurt over the members saying his solo album was a failure.

first of all, we haven’t even seen the whole interview, so we don’t even know the full context of his thoughts.

secondly, i think it’s extremely naive to assume that the members have never hurt each others feelings after being around each other basically 24/7 for over four years. they’ve all had arguments, disagreements, fights, whatever. what’s important is that they worked through it, and still love each other as a team.

sunggyu’s solo album came out two years ago. i doubt he is still depressed over it now. and if he moved past it and the members moved past it, doesn’t that mean inspirits should move past it too?

the reality is that the kpop industry is a extremely competitive place. no matter how much i loved another me - and i really, really did love it - that doesn’t mean everyone else did.

the fact is that 60 seconds wasn’t a chart topping single. the fact is that another me did not sell as many albums as the other infinite albums.

does that make it a failure? maybe from a business standpoint. but from an artistic one? absolutely not. his solo album was full of amazing songs that not only showed off his vocal skills, but presented a different color than normal infinite music. i think that’s an achievement in itself.

but artistic quality doesn’t translate to popularity or record sales. and i think we should all be aware of that fact by now.

just because you love your bias, that doesn’t mean you know him and understand everything about him. sunggyu is a complex person. and the only person who really knows how sunggyu feels about this situation is sunggyu himself. he wouldn’t like people criticizing the other six members to raise him up.

bottom line; i think sunggyu would be extremely disappointed with the way some inspirits are putting the other six members down over this. i doubt he shared that fact to start a war within the fandom. so it would really be for the best if all this negativity could just stop.

-ray out.


infinite is pretty great i mean most of the idol groups i like are hip hop influenced like block b, bts, bap, got7 but man infinite’s songs are literally so great and all their dances are perfect and so in sync and their vocals are so good and i love how their logo variates from each album idk man they’re just really great


140622 Taoyuan International Airport
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140622 Taoyuan International Airport
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